Apple Engineering Project Manager

I am an EPM in Siri Understanding, the team focused on building machine learning systems to power Siri's ability to understand users. Our work lives on every Apple device.

New York Times Software Engineer

I was a developer on the Interactive News Team (INT). I worked on user-facing stories and internal newsroom tools. I built live-updating content for the 2018 Midterm elections, form building functionality for non-technical journalists, and reusable React components for styling consistency across the site.

See the Midterm stories here.

After my internship, I created a collaboration between The New York Times and Northwestern University Knight Lab to open source a newsroom collaboration tool called Library. The project has more than 500 stars on GitHub. I also co-led a conference session on Library at SRCCON 2019. The tool is still under active development.

GitHub Software Engineer

I worked with a team of three undergraduate interns to build and internally release a completely new feature in 10 weeks. At the end of the summer, every GitHub employee had the feature added to their GitHub account to try out. We also had the opportunity to present our work to hundreds of GitHub employees.

After the summer, I was asked to stay on as a contractor to continue developing the feature. I took part part in a three-day product summit where my engineering manager, a full-time engineer, a product designer, a product manager and I created a roadmap for the next iterations of the feature.

Are you fascinated by developer workflows? Me too! Let's talk about it.

Quartz Bot Studio Developer

Quartz Bot Studio uses technology to offer immersive news experiences on conversational platforms. I worked with Emily Withrow and John Keefe to refine, build and test the Quartz for Messenger bot, which made its debut to thousands at SXSW Interactive 2018.

The bot is really fun. You should try it and see what I mean.

Additional instructions for chatting with bots can be found here.

DTR Undergraduate Researcher

Design, Technology and Research is a research lab focused on a wide variety of design and technology problems including human-computer interaction, social and crowd computing, learning science, artificial intelligence, and design.

My research is focused on transforming professional sites across the internet into learning opportunities for novice web developers by creating software-based process management scaffolds that support self-directed study.

I have been in the class for two quarters so far. In Spring 2018 the project was awarded a $2,000 research grant.

Does research in the context of design and technology intrigue you? It might if you read more about DTR, rock painting, and PowerPoint karaoke


Computer Science Teaching Assistant

In Winter 2018, I served as a lead teaching assistant for EECS 111 - Fundamentals of Computer Programming, the largest computer science class at Northwestern.

Along with coordinating traditional TA tasks (office hours, discussion sections, exam reviews), I led an effort to create a series of videos for each main topic of the class. Within the 11-week quarter, we created 12 videos total. I personally wrote and recorded 5 of those videos.

Want to learn about Dr. Racket, structs, functions, linked list recursion and more? See the videos here.

North by Northwestern Interactive Developer

North by Northwestern is a campus publication that offers daily online content and a quarterly print magazine. In the past two years, NBN has received 16 Mark of Excellence awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

NBN was founded as the first online news publication on campus. Since its beginnings, it has had incredibly strong technologists building the completely custom site and producing interactive news stories. As the Interactive editor, I led multiple contributors with widely varying technical abilities to create interactive stories. I am currently in the process of completely redesigning and rebuilding the website.

Check out what the new website will look like!

SensorGrid Project Developer

Knight Lab Studio is a project-based class where groups of 4-6 undergraduate and graduate students work together to define, scope and produce preliminary solutions to unexplored technology, design, and media questions. Students must apply to the class and the project they are most interested in working on.

I took this class in Winter 2018 and I worked on building an API for a project called SensorGrid. At a high level, SensorGrid is built to democratize environmental data.

Read a bit more about environmental data, local communities and technology here.

Knight Lab Student Fellow

The Knight Lab is an experimental studio that brings together people in from many fields to create innovative journalism technology.

Our storytelling tools have been used by major publications including The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Time, CNN, Le Monde, Mashable, ESPN, Chicago Tribune, and many more. Our most popular open-source tool has been used by more than 250,00 journalists and is available in more than 60 languages.

This place has been like a second home on campus. Learn more about my work here.